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Leadership & Trustees


Our values go back to our roots and several generations of community-oriented work. In all our efforts, whether it is identifying anaemia in women, Immunization to children, correcting malnutrition in children, Preventing School Drop outs or introducing education methods for sustainable growth, we try to find solutions suitable for the local environment.

Trustee Thoughts

‘SANSKAR’’ is my dream project. Through 'SANSKAR', I want to contribute to the society in a manner which can transform the future generations of men & women enriched with honesty and sound knowledge, saturated with love and faith that possess the immense strength of conviction and belief. 'SPARSHA is registered as a Charitable Trust in India, which is completely dedicated towards the complete development of the underprivileged children who have enormous potential but are deprived of opportunity and facilities.

Family or society, whether it is of a village or city; I have observed that to change the face of the country, we require a wise, daring and responsible person. 

Till the time we don’t create a troop of such kind of people who can take over the various positions in the country and prove the usefulness and dignity of the post, all our attempts will be wasted. We will not get satisfactory results in any of the fields. Via 'SPARSHA', we will try to form that troop. If we succeed, then the children of your tomorrow will get a future, on which they could proudly say that they are living a cheerful and contented life.

Founder & Managing Trustee

Sarika Vijay Desai

Mrs. Sarika Vijay Desai has been working relentlessly for the underprivileged

for the past 17 years. She is a personality who works wholeheartedly for the all-round

development of children through their education and rights-based advocacy. 


She completed her graduation in Child Development and Care from S.N.D.T. College.

While handling subjects like child care and counseling, Mrs. Sarika worked with NASEOH, Sulbha School for mentally challenged children.


After experiencing and learning about certain disturbing situations in the life of the underprivileged children, Mrs. Sarika opted for professional social work as her career option. She then completed her post-graduation in Masters In Social Work from Nirmala Niketan College, Mumbai.


In 2004, she decided to launch The Sanskar Project, which aimed at an integrated child development program with its primary focus on Education and Child Rights in Mumbai, all under the banner of The Sparsha Charitable Trust.


In her opinion, guardianship is one of the important aspects of life, therefore parental education has been given an important place in the Sparsha intervention. Parents participation is sought in all activities in order for a nurturing future of their children.

When Sparsha began its intervention, Mrs. Sarika realized that the target parents lacked guidance in providing a real foundation for their children's dreams.  She worked towards Sparsha involving parents who are illiterate or semi-literate migrant workers, daily wage workers, street hawkers, etc. to assist and provide the right opportunities to their children.


Sparsha Charity Trust works through 17 centers in different slum pockets. Sparsha Charitable Trust works with 22 BMC schools to ensure the enrollment of drop-out children in the formal education system.Sparsha's aim in the near future is to spread its wings and widen its horizon to provide helping hand to more and more disadvantaged children.



Dr. Sachin Jadhav

SCT was started by Mr. Sachin Jadhav in June2000, after witnessing one too many cases of a poor patient being denied the opportunity for life-saving healthcare due to the lack of funds. Mr Sachin Jadhav was driven by the belief that every human being ought to have access to medical treatment that could potentially save their lives – and socioeconomic background should NOT be a barrier to this.

It is with this vision that the Trust undertakes a host of activities. While performing free or low-cost Health Facilities is the Trust’s main thrust, it also provides the following services for the financially weak sections of our society.

He himself is one of India’s foremost surgeons. His dedication and passion to work is unparalleled, a fact that is attested by his 95% success rate and the devotion he has earned among the patient community.

Meet Our Partners

The ones walking with us in this mission and share our vision.