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Jacqueline and ma'am

Jacqueline enjoys with Kids.

Jacqueline spends time with the kids, with her team at the YOLO foundation.

Jacqueline Fernandez visited our kids towards the end of May 2021. the bubbly celeb proved to be really caring and concerned for our kids and how their families were doing throughout the lockdown. 

the kids warmed up to her, as the ice cream melts on a hot day. she asked the older kids about their dreams; what they wanted to become? 

there were a few language hurdles as the kids and she kept switching between Hindi and English. 

The short but fulfilling session ended with a distribution of hampers from the YOLO foundation, which had chocolates, and some games in it. The kids were overjoyed at the sight of chocolates! 

needless to say, it was a memorable time for all of us. 

Jacqueline even extended a hand of help for our girls, more about that in the next article!

have a glimpse of Jacqueline in the video on our channel